Career Opportunities

Programmers, Level Designers, QA Testing

Although we are not currently looking for any of these positions, please feel free to send us your resume. If something opens up, we will look through resumes that have been sent to us previously before opening the position up to the public.

Concept Artists, HUD Artists, Flash Artists, Game Asset Artists

Although we are not actively searching for any of these positions, it is likely that one will open up in the near future. Please send us your portfolio and resume so we can keep you on file.

Voice Actors and Voice Talent

We are currently looking for voice talent for multiple roles. We ask that all voice talent be local to the Greater Boston Area and have transportation available to them so that they can come and record in our studio under the direction of our director and producer.* Please go through the list of available roles and select the ones you wish to audition for. You may audition for as many roles as you want.

RALPH – Male, 27. Intelligent and well-articulated. Should have a “tenor” voice, sounding young but still masculine. No regional accent other than “North American”.

SOPHIE – Female, 41. Intelligent and well-articulated. Should have a “cold and harsh” tone about her. Should be an “alto” type voice, lower pitched. Should have an American Southwest accent. The ideal candidate would be able to speak Spanish with a Mexican accent.

CLAIRE – Female, 48. Warm and matronly voice. Should have an “alto” tone. Needs to have a Nova Scotian accent.

WILLIAM – Male, 25. Young and attractive voice. Should have a “tenor” tone. Must have a Mid-Western accent.

WILLIAM’S DAD – Male, 52. This character only needs to shout incoherently, so accents aren’t very important, but he must sound old enough to be Will’s Dad.

ASCENDENTS, SURVIVORS, BANDITS – Any gender, varying ages and tones. We will need a group of people to play unnamed speaking roles. Any regional accent.

To audition, please send us your demo reel to: with the subject “Demo Reel”. In your email, be sure to include which parts you would like to audition for, any contact information we may need to get in touch with you, and a relevant resume if you have one.

* We can make exceptions for this rule only if you can prove to us that your equipment is of professional quality and that you can take direction from an email. If you think these are conditions you can meet, feel free to send us a demo reel and clarify that you are not local. If we find your demo reel to be sound (pun intended), we will send you a couple of lines for you to recite on your own equipment. If we find your equipment to be in agreement with ours and your direction to be compliant, we shouldn’t have a problem casting you.